SSL can Loose you $ Money $. How does HTTPS affect your Adsense Earnings?


How does HTTPS affect Adsense Earnings?

Brief explanation and revenue impact. HTTPS (SSL) can loose you 30% on your Adsense earnings.

This Video also explains and demonstrates common Adsense and ssl related questions like:

How ssl impact Adsense revenue?

Is https (SSL) for me? Should I really use SSL?

Will using https reduce my website earnings?

HTTPS impact on Adsense?

AdSense ad code support for SSL? AdSense, switching to SSL, and RPM?

AdSense earnings drop after moving to HTTPS / SSL.

Why use SSL? Why not use SSL?

What is Encryption and is it needed for every website or when do i need it?

These are the links that were mentioned in the video.

Portfolio Website:

Free Qr Tool (use phots or texts to create cool qr codes):

Force HTTP instead of HTTPS in .htaccess file:…




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