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Freshdesk Review



Overall Rating: 3.9/5 stars

Is it worth giving a try ?

Yes, its a tool with modern design and affordable pricing. Ideal for Small to Medium sized businesses.

Competitors: Salesforce, Zendesk, Jira Service Desk

Free Trail: Available (21 Days)

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Pricing: Flexible with free option available

freshdesk review

What is freshdesk ?
Its a Customer Support Software, that helps Unify and manage all support-related communications from multiple channels on a single platform.

For example:

Email, Chat, Phone, Website Tickets and Social media

Genre: Team Productivity Software

freshdesk Dashboard – modern and minimalistic design

freshdesk dashboard review 2018

Some of its features:

  • Automatic email notifications – helps notify customers and customer service agents automatically about the changes happening in their tickets.
  • Ticket dispatch: help automatically assign tickets to customer service agents and groups based on keywords, requester or properties.
  • Ticket assignment – helps assign tickets to agents based on their current workload, skill or using the round robin method.
  • Time-triggered automation – It can execute maintenance activities on tickets based on the time lapsed since an event happened.
  • Event-triggered automation – allows to implement one or more actions on specific tickets as soon as an event happens.

freshdesk Pros (by users of the platform)

  • Easy to get Started (just like creating a fb account) you will be up on the platform in few minutes
  • It’s easy to use – modern design thats easy to use.
  • Web-based platform, the advantage to it is users do not have to undertake the hassle of maintaining a server or download any software. Your instance of the platform will get updates on recent features and functionalities straight away.
  • freshdesk is very customisable in terms of integration and functionality.
  • freshdesk also offers reliable technical support and their helpful agents are quick to resolve if you have problems with any function.
  • freshdesk can store a large amount of information, including FAQs, which helps new users resolve issues on their own.

freshdesk Cons

Few people have reported minor issues with the platform. For example, the reporting module can be improved and the premium packages can be a bit expensive per agent. But, its high-quality features and benefits means the cost is well worth it.

Feel free to trail run it. [[Try Free Trail ?]]   .

freshdesk review
freshdesk review

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