Install WordPress Plugins on your Website


This short tutorial/article will teach you How to install plugins in wordpress with example –

Where we will together – try both ways of installing/adding a new wordpress plugin, changing its settings and making it work for your website.

Step by Step

Lets start –

Step 1: Login to Your WordPress Website

Step 2: On the top left corner – Press – Dashboard (by hovering over your website name).

Step 3: On the Left Sidebar – Look for – Plugins (Click/Hover over the button)

Wordpress Plugins - Installed plugins, Add New, Editor
WordPress Plugins –
Installed plugins, Add New, Editor

Step 4: Now click – Add New (to add a new plugin) or Installed Plugins (to check the existing plugins)

Step 5: Search for a plugin name in the Search bar or upload a zipped file

Step 6: Once installed – Activate the Plugin (change settings accordingly)

Done, the process of adding a new plugin is very easy in wordpress. Plugins bring new features to your website and help make your website better.

Video Tutorial

The video below can help you even further if you are having issues installing a plugin or if you a visual learner like me.

WordPress has a wide selection of free plugins for almost everything just like Google has answers to almost everything. That said, as a beginner i really recommend you from my 5 years experience that buying a plugin if you are a beginner is not recommended, only buy a plugin when your website has reached a certain height or for a premium feature that is not easily available and your website can’t live without it.

If you may have further questions on this leave a comment below and I may be able to save you a few dollars.

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A treat for you guys below is a list of Free plugins , I personally use on this website, that will help make  your website better and get you started. 

(These plugins are widely by people all across the world).

  • Akismet Anti-Spam – saves your website from spammers to an extent (just Akismet does’t provide full protection from spam, using a reCAPTCHA is highly recommended).Full description here
  • Yoast SEO – a must have to help your website rank higher in search results (Google).Full description here
  • bbPress – help you create an online forum. Full description here
  • Better WordPress reCAPTCHA – uses Google reCAPTCHA to help keep your blog stay clear of spams (highly recommended, stops all the spam user registrations on the website). Full description here
  • Jetpack – allows to connect your website with to provide extra features like analytics and widgets. Full description here
  • Smush – Compresses the images you upload on the site and help make website load faster for the user. Full description here
  • Stop Spammers –  plugin blocks spammers from leaving comments or logging in. It protects sites from robot registrations and malicious attacks. Full description here
  • WP Custom Admin Login Lite – allows you to customize the WordPress Default Login and Register Page. Full description here
  • Really Simple SSL – makes your site SSL proof – Force HTTPS. Full description here

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