Deleting bbpress files and un-installing it
Deleting bbpress files and un-installing it

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Clean WordPress database after bbPress uninstall

Let’s talk about bbPress.


bbPress is an amazing forum plugin that integrates easily with any wordpress website, it works with almost all themes with some exceptions. Since, their is little to no resistance with getting started on bbPress, many new website owners get on board with it. Hoping to build a community of people and be able to serve adsense ads on it. Quote me on this, “me and some of my friends have made this mistake.. ha ha 🙂 “

And in reality end up with a bunch of spams from the bots, sharing malicious links, content etc, which we dont want on our site. As, we always want to provide most quality content & services to people so it can add value to their lives. And off-course, no one likes a spammy site, plus it can also hurt your brand value and SEO score in Google.

But never the less, no doubt bbPress is a useful piece of software, but that also doesn’t mean we need it.

So, you have made your mind to Un-install bbPress from your wordpress website ?

Their are some challenges involved in doing that – Unfortunately, wordpress doesn’t delete bbPress data from the database if you un-install bbPress from your plugins list.

Which means your database is still full of Spam & Useless data making your database heavy and slow to query, in long run slowing your website down.

Watch the Video below, which explains step by step to help you un-install bbPress from your wordpress website and help make it better & faster.

I really hope the article and the video helped you. If you have any questions leave comments below.

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Below steps are only intended for Advanced technical Users with MySQL experience.

Deleting bbpress files and un-installing it
Deleting bbpress files and un-installing it


Login to phpMyAdmin or equivalent software > Make a Database Backup by exporting the database.

Now you need to clean these 2 tables –



And what you are looking to delete is posts by id which are in the range where spam happened

Pro tip: easy way to find range is make several select statements to see your data at different post id ranges (also check your last created posts id) and figure out from where to delete the posts.

Example query like this will get rid of the spam in _posts table

DELETE FROM `blog_posts` WHERE `blog_posts`.`ID` < 4292 and `blog_posts`.`ID` > 2267

and similar query to this will help you clean your _postmeta table as well.

Pro tips: when working with a database please pay attention to the table structure and columns to first understand the table and then execute any delete query using your technical skills.

Select statement are always a safe way to understand databases.

Last step: Correct Auto-increement value of your table, this will you continue your posts/ids before spam hit your site.

After all the cleanup, check whats your last left post id.

Select table > Go to Operations

Change Auto-increment value to the last post id.

Finally, All done.

At this point you are fully spam free.

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