How to Signup for Google Adwords and Use Keyword Planner Easily | Getting Started

How to Signup for Google Adwords

Welcome, to this blog post where we will discuss How to easily signup for Google Adwords and use the Google Keyword Planner for free.

Google Keyword Planner is an useful tool provided by google free of charge which helps you find the best keywords which are getting the most traffic on google and use this you can target keywords and find your competitors and able to rank higher on google and make more money on the internet using google adsense and affiliate marketing.

Lets, get started – How to Signup for Google Adwords and Use Keyword Planner Easily

Visit this link (the link will open in new window):

Now, you will be shown this screen

Enter the following details –

Your Email, Country, Currency

Press > Save and Continue Button

google adwords getting started tutorial

After that you will see this screen – Press > Get Started

google adwords welcome page

From here you will be able to see a Dashboard where you can change between your campaigns and adgroups (in the beginning the dashboard will be empty)

Here is the step by step process in this short 2 minutes video that will show to all the steps to get started with Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

And this Video will quickly show you how to use Keyword Planner (Google Keyword planner) in Few Seconds

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