Adsense Auto Ads: Enable, Implement, Disable. All you need to Know

google adsense auto ads
Google Adsense Auto ads

This article will teach you How to Enable Adsense Auto Ads alongside teach you what if you don’t want them anymore, How to disable adsense auto ads and How to Implement Adsense auto ads code on your website.

Enabling Adsense Auto Ads

This short video tutorial will teach you –

  1. How to Enable Adsense Auto Ads
  2. Available Ad Formats


Implementing Adsense Auto Ads

To implement adsense auto ads on your website.

Paste your Auto Ads code (which you get once you have enabled auto ads as described in the video above) in the <head> tags on your website.

google adsense auto ads wordpress
Google AdSense Auto Ads WordPress

If you are using WordPress follow the simple steps in this article: Setup Adsense auto ads WordPress: Easy steps alongside Video tutorial

You may also be interested in this article: How to add code to head tag in wordpress ?

Disabling Adsense Auto Ads

To disable auto ads simply remove the auto ads code from your websites <head> tags (recommended).

You can also disable auto ads in Google Adsense User Interface.

Available Ad Type / Formats: Google Adsense Auto Ads

These are the 6 ad types available in google auto ads

  1. Text and Display Ads
  2. In-feed ads
  3. In-article ads
  4. Matched Content
  5. Anchor Tags (not recommended)
  6. Vignette ads
adsense auto ads available ad formats
adsense auto ads available ad formats

The End

google adsense auto ads
Google Adsense Auto ads

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