Learn to use Keyword Planner (Google Keyword planner) in Few Seconds

Welcome, to this blog post where we will discuss How to Learn to use Keyword Planner (Google Keyword planner) in Few Seconds

First of all watch this short 100 Seconds Video then we will quickly see How to Access Google Keyword Planner (for people who are new to google adwords and keyword planner).

This will give you the basics to use Google Keywords Planner.

Also teach you how to search keywords, the key metrics available in the dashboard, how to change the target country to see how well a keyword is performing in that country/area you can also select multiple locations at once as you will see in the video where I select IRELAND and UNITED STATES.

Lets watch the video now:

Ok, now you have seen the video. Now, you know how to use keyword planner. It was a easy process but we all need a start.

Now Lets quickly learn how to access keyword planner / how to open google keyword planner

Login to your Adwords account / Dashboard (if you have not signed up yet – learn here)

Now click on the Wrench Icon on the Top Right Hand Side.

You will see a dropdown menu with several options.

Under the heading – PLANNING

Click – Keyword Planner

You can see all these steps in the photo below –

how to access google keyword planner


Keyword planner will open and you can start tying keywords like this example – where i type – Keyword planner and we can see all the results for this keyword.

keyword planner


Here is another example, Below are some photos that will show you more examples on how you can use the keyword planner easily and effectively.

keyword planner google

You can also change the location like this

google keyword planner

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Learn to use google keyword planner
Learn to use google keyword planner
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