Mozilla the parent company of the worlds second most popular desktop browser has released a new Free Encrypted File Sharing Service called Firefox Send.

The service offers an alternative to email and cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive for file sharing.

You may have noticed by now sharing larger file attachments with emails is always an issue, Gmail does provide a nice cushion of Google Drive but that consumes your limit of 15 GB free limit that comes with your Gmail account and clutters your drive and is not ideal for one time shares after which you don’t need the file sitting in the drive and not to mention this can be time-consuming when all you need to do is share a single file one time — not store the file, edit it or collaborate with others.

Firefox Send provides a faster better solution.

Free Unlimited File Sharing is here!

share file online
Selecting files to share online, you can apply time or download limit or password to your link
  • You can decide a download limit between a range of 1-100 downloads per share after which the link expires.
  • The maximum downloads allowed per link is 100 downloads or have a time limit of either (5 minutes, 1hour, 1 or 7 days).
  • Add a password, great for private file sharing. Safe, Secure and password protected

Share large files securely with Firefox Send

Firefox Send - Once you upload the file
Firefox Send – Once you upload the file

Use an encrypted link to safely share large files – up to 2.5GB with a Firefox Account. And you can set when your link expires, so your files doesn’t live in the cloud forever.

You can send small files for up to 1 download or 1 day without signing up for a Firefox Account.

Download File
Download File

How is Send different than other File Sharing Services ?

Well, to be honest their are so many options available over the internet that allow file sharing, why Firefox Send stands out is –

  • Its Free
  • Mozilla is Open source and for the people but not profit. So, its trust worthy
  • Firefox is the internet pioneer even Google Chrome utilizes some of its technologies, so we know software produced by Firefox is worth it and good.

Demo – Firefox Send

Feel free to demo it here:

Firefox Send – Video

Final Remarks or as we call it a review –

Firefox Send Review

4.9/5 – The service is easy to use with modern web design, encrypted and allows large file sharing. The only drawback is you need to signup before sharing large file but that is not that big of a deal.

Leave a comment below of your experience using Firefox Send and don’t forget to share this article on your social media handles.

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