Oath Inc – What is Oath ? Why shall I care ?

Mrvirk.com Article on Oath Inc.
Mrvirk.com Article on Oath Inc.
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Oath Inc, is an american multi-national company that is registered by the Telecom Giant Verizon to serve as an Umbrella/Parent company for its last years (July 2017) strategic acquisition of the tech giants – Yahoo and AOL along with other small brands.

Website: Oath.com  CEO: Tim Armstrong

Careers Page: https://www.oath.com/careers/


Yahoo – News, Mail, Finance, Sports, Search, Weather, Fantasy Sports

AOL – Mail, News, Huffpost, Techcrunch, Engadget, Autoblog, 1 by AOL

Microsoft Partnership – Skype, MSN, XBOX, Outlook

Appnexus Partnership

and others

Platforms (OATH): available after the merger.

Brightroll DSP: Demand Side Platform that’s connected to all the major Ad Exchanges – BRXD, Google ADX, Rubicon etc. Hence, a gateway that can help you advertise on big brands and reach large audiences.

Supported Campaign types:  Display, Native, Video

Gemini: Native Advertising platform targeting Yahoo Supply only.

Supported Campaign types: Native, Search

Adtech – Ad serving platform that can help you run Exclusive campaigns – Example – Yahoo UK Homepage Takeover. Adtech also supports programmatic campaigns.

Supported Campaign types: Display, Video

OneMobile/BRXD – Ad Exchanges that can enable you as an advertiser to buy and as a publisher to sell advertising space, through real-time auctions(bidding) using IAB’s OpenRTB Protocol.

Why shall I care ?

So, now you have seen the brands and Platforms owned by Oath you can decide for yourself – Why you should care about Oath ?

Below are some of the very obvious points –

-> Advertising on these brands means your campaigns will reach Billions of users.

Yahoo ranks 6th most popular website in the world. Source: Alexa rank

AOL stands at – 82nd rank in US and 318 rank in the world, given its american focused brand. Source: Alexa rank

MSN stands at – 47th rank in the world.

XBOX – extremely popular gaming console.

-> Leverage Proprietary data by Advertising on Oath Platforms to run Targeted campaigns.

-> Leverage Oath Services as a Managed Client where Oath takes care of the success of your advertising campaigns in exchange of small fee, removing you the hassle of managing, optimising campaigns and hiring staff to manage these campaign.

Mrvirk.com Article on Oath Inc.
Mrvirk.com Article on Oath Inc.

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