Opera Introduces Cool Features like Unlimited Free VPN, Data Compression, Built-in Adblocker to its Desktop Browser built over the same technology as Chrome

opera browser review

When we think about internet browsing first browser that comes to mind is Google Chrome. In the recent years, it has grown huge in popularity and other browsers are struggling to compete against it, due to which Microsoft recently gave up on the battle to developing its own technology for its Edge Browser and currently building Edge on top of Chromium which is an open source project started by Google and you may have guessed it Chrome is built over Chromium.

Mozilla Firefox only remains the major independent player in browsers market who doesn’t have a dependency over Google in any way.

Enough of the introduction, let talk about Opera and all its new features –

It comes to no surprise like other browsers, Opera has long ago gave in to Chromium. But why would the users download and use Opera if it’s a copy of Google Chrome.

Well, it may be using the same technology as Chrome, Opera is building some very important feature ranging from easy accessibility to social media, privacy and security.

Standout features aka Opera Feature Review

Free VPN

A Free vpn service with choice to chose between different continents – Europe, Americas and Asia.

This is not offered by any of the major bowsers like Firefox, Chrome or Edge and you may have to pay for vpn service depending upon your country or plugin, but Opera provides it inbuilt


Facebook and Whatsapp Instant Window

Opera has realised moving people away from their browsers is not an easy job, but the young generation is always willing to test and try new things.

Opera, now allows instant windows for the most popular messaging services to keep the user within the browser ensuring productive and seamless experience .

opera features

Data Compression

This feature allows users with slow internet or with limited data plan to browse websites with ease.

Ad blocker

Where in other browsers the users have to download a Adblock extension, it’s an inbuilt feature in Opera.

Another major difference from other browsers is left hand side navigation bar as seen in screenshot below –

Opera Review

Overall, Opera feels more or less like Chrome with steroids, including some very necessary inbuilt features which have been long ignored by the major browsers but the competition is always good and has brought out some nice features in Opera

Rating: 4.8/5


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