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My Website, does not require or ask for login/registration on the portfolio section of the website, Since, this is a portfolio website. I haven't taken any monetizing measures and hence there's no advertisement on this section of the website. Whereas, on the non-portfolio part/section of the website you may find login/registration and advertisement and I strictly advice anyone below 18 years of age or below legal age (based on your location) not to register/login anywhere on this website or any of my other websites/apps or any other product (this is for your own safety). My websites use Piwik Analytics and Google Analytics which are widely used on the internet to keep track of the website traffic, please check Piwik and Google analytics privacy policy for more information. The Logo of all my websites are the property of

Terms of Use

Misuse of the website / its services / content will not be tolerated and may lead to reporting to the appropriate authority for legal actions.

Contact Information

You can contact me, to ask questions / give feedback / request features / suggest changes by finding my contact information in the Contact Info Section of the website.

This Privacy Policy and Term of Use apply to all my websites/apps/other products, along with this you may find more terms and information regarding individual websites on their privacy policy page.

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