Ray Romano Cracks Jokes at his Netflix Special – Right here around the corner.

This is his first comedy special after 23 years. Which he performs at his home club Comedy Cellar at Greenwich Village, NYC.

Where the audience has no idea he is performing and appears as a special guest.


The show is broken down in 2 parts where he first walks on the street to visit the place where he started comedy and performs 20 minutes at the venue, very calm and casual performance almost looks like he is’t putting much effort into it but as the show picks up the jokes and observational comedy is at its best, from joking about his parents sex life, ageing and making friends with doctors.

Then, he moves on to second venue to perform for another 20 mins with jokes ranging from his cute interactions with his wife, how men doesn’t understand their wife, complementing the wife, talks about his children and pulls jokes around them and at the end walks out the club with his family – 4 children and wife and eats pizza around the corner.

A good 58 mins show containing 40 mins packed with observational comedy.


Ray Romano with his wife and 4 children at netflix special
Ray Romano with his wife and 4 children at netflix special . Photo: Netflix
Ray Romano netflix special Right here around the corner where
Ray Romano at his netflix special Right here around the corner where. Photo: Netflix



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