Revolut introduces Stock Trading in Europe for Standard Card Customers

UK based Fintech unicorn Revolut have today (3 Oct 2019) introduced Stock Trading for Standard Card Customers.

Which was previously only available to its “Metal” plan customers (which cost 13.99 per month in Ireland and rest of Europe), the service allowed paid customers to make commission-free NYSE & NASDAQ stocks trading within its app.

From 3rd Oct until 8th Oct 2019, Revolut Standard Customer are allowed to make up-to 3 commission free stock trades on NYSE & NASDAQ and then charge a commission details here:

The app has decent price updates and stock performance data for up-to a year, but one can leverage Yahoo Finance to get historical data, when making investment decisions.

Since the trading feature is live and I am a standard card customer, I though lets put the app to a test.

Below is how the app looks, feels and my review of the Trading functionality of the app –

Trading Home

Trading Home Screen shows the total portfolio value. And option to invest, add funds and withdraw.

Withdrawing money was very simple to my surprise since most apps make it complex to withdraw.

Searching for Stocks

Invest button lead to Stock search – which provides a list of stocks, some filters based on price and popularity must have been nice to have.

Buying or Selling a Stock

A simple Buy and Sell functionality

Order Summary

This screen provides all the basic info needed like the price of share and total cost etc.

Using this info one can create a Stock portfolio on Yahoo Finance to provide realtime market value, daily gain and total gains on your stocks and total value of your portfolio

Here is an example:

Stock Trading in Europe

In Europe it can be hard to find a decent trading app. There is’t a trading app like Robinhood like people in United States have.

If Revolut can prove to be trust worthy in the long term, I think it can make a great trading app in Europe and have a potential to grow rapidly


Ease of Getting Started – 5/5

Ease of Use and Navigation – 5/5

Buying Stocks – 5/5

Selling Stock – 4.8 (due to the commission)

User Interface Rating – 4.6

Note: This is an independent review and is not sponsored by anyone or Revolut. Trading Stocks can be risky please perform proper market research before investing in stocks or any financial app. Please don’t use this page as the only source of research, good research consists of referencing multiple sources and performing some testing before investing too much in the market.

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