Rude Dublin Bus Drivers – My Experience over 5 Years of Travelling with Dublin Bus.

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My leap card which is valid till 31st dec 18, and today is 9th july. After using dublin bus service couple of times today, I had hit my daily cap meaning my rest of the trips were free but all of the sudden leap card gives out this error when using on the validater “date time error”.

I quickly told the driver and showed him i had balance on my leap card through leap card topup app in my phone.

but the driver wast even intrested to listen i have hit my cap and insisted me on paying again, i would have had paid if he was nice, but he was very rude.
Tried on the next bus and same, rude attitude from the driver again.

At this point i was persistant and annoyed and didnt wanted to pay dublin bus another 3 euro when i had already spent 7 euro on my daily cap and the drivers have been so rude where they just dont care nd try ignore u.

3rd bus and finally the found a real man who doest just work on auto pilot but care about what he do and cares about customer service.

I mean i have been travelling on Dublin bus for 5 years and customer service is not at the core, drivers are mostly arrogant and rude, and not well trained.

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Here’s an article by : I couldn’t give a rat’s arse if you report me!’: There have been complaints about the swearing of Dublin Bus drivers

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