Solution: Stuck on ad not able to use keyword planner | Can’t Access Google AdWords Keyword Planner

can't access google keyword planner google adwords

Can’t access google keyword planner

In this short tutorial we will see a learn a fix that will help you access keyword planner if its not working for you / stuck / can’t access it.

Follow this easy step in order to be able to access google adwords keyword planner (for free)

Login to Gmail or any other Google Service in your browser with your account (the one you are using / want to use with Google Adwords / Keyword Planner)

Once logged in – Open a new window and click this linkĀ

Dashboard URL:

Follow the steps (the steps can be seen in this short 2 minutes video)


Now you should be able to access keyword planner without a problem

google keyword planner


If you dont have a Adwords Account yet this video will help you set it up.

can't access google keyword planner
can’t access google keyword planner


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