Staying Healthy Secrets. Without giving up tasty foods !

Lets talk about eating & staying healthy on daily basis without giving up all the foods and in the process lose some weight as well by balancing your diet. I would like to say this at the very beginning this blog post doesn’t have a magic recipe to loose weight but its about healthy eating which turns into weight loss, high energy and positive improvements both from mental and physical perspective.

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So, the question is – How to eat healthy and loose weight, without giving up on your favourite foods ?

The answer to this question is – Discipline and Knowledge of Foods in terms of their nutrition content, preparation methods and amount you can consume without any problem, its about disciplining yourself and know How much amount to consume of a certain food.

I would recommend you take some time and read about your favourite meals, foods, fruits, vegetables and fast foods that you consume on daily basis.Now, I want you to take notes on the nutrition and calorie content of each food.

Look for protein (1g = 4 Calories), fat (saturated fats) (1g = 9 Calories), and carbohydrates (1g = 4 Calories) and sugars (meaning what part of the carbohydrates are coming from sugars), less the better.

staying healthy with balanced diet

Staying Healthy

Secondly, the vitamin and mineral contents of each food, also try multivitamin and mineral tablets (if available – only recommended to people over 20 years old).

Limit, your fruit consumption, I know we were taught fruits are healthy and yes they are but like everything else only certain amount is healthy. So, consume at most 1 – 3 pieces of fruit (by piece I mean one whole fruit. ex- 1 piece of apple = 1 apple). Mix and match your fruits, try different fruits every week.

Now, as the post title suggests – “loose weight, without giving up on your favourite foods”.
When eating your favourite foods, avoid watching TV (or youtube) and eat as you will 100% eat more than you need, secondly go for small portions and eat your favourite foods for taste and satisfaction but not to fill your tummy but instead eat green vegetables prior or after your favourite food so you feel full.

Sample Diet Example

This is something personal to me but you can take the parts you like –

How I eat everyday to stay healthy and loose weight. (Note: This schedule is for the days I am working) when i am not dieting or eating strictly.

Breakfast (around 8:30 am)-
Small amount of Oatmeal with nuts (this is filling + healthy as it contains complex carbs and healthy fats)
1 Piece of Fruit (if i fancy) or Glass of Juice
1 Egg (if i fancy) or some bread
And a coffee

Lunch (around 12:30 pm)
Basically anything and big meal- fairly healthy (60% healthy), lots of protein (I usually go for chicken or fish), olives, spinach, rice or pasta.
Every food is healthy what matters is preparation, so i want you to search for – healthy ways of cooking.

During the day.
Protein shake, a nutty bar or two, piece of fruit, yogurt.
Lots of Water throughout the day.
Coffee here and their (coffee is very filling i personally go for cappuccino, but the best is black coffee but see we need to enjoy our food and life a little bit).

Gym (40 – 45 mins)

Dinner (around 8:00 pm)
2 boiled eggs and a glass of milk or rice with vegetables, protein and yogurt.

Sleep (around midnight)

Final summary is eat everything, go with your gut but remember to eat small portions. Exercise but food is first when it comes to Staying Healthy.

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Without giving up tasty foods ! Secret to Staying Healthy.

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