In this article, we will learn what is blogger ? I am your host Navjot Singh. Let’s start –

Blogger is a free blogging platform offered by Google. Blogger allows anyone with gmail account to signup for free and start their own blog.

Who is Blogger suitable for ?

Blogger is suitable for anyone who is new to blogging and what to publish some content and demo how blogging works.

Who is Blogger not for ?

  • Not for Entrepreneurs
  • Blogger is not for people looking to create a quality blog and want to make their blog a source of passive income.
  • It is’t for people who like control and want ownership of their content and brand. Since, Blogger is owned by Google, indirectly Google is your boss if you use Blogger and you will need to adhere to Google’s terms and conditions. A person start a blog to share their thought ands be their own boss and if you use blogger this cant be achieved.
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