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This article will discuss top 5 reasons Why to Buy Dedicated IP for your website, its benefits, Best Dedicated IP Providers and Pricing comparison, SEO benefits of Dedicated IP and more.

Before we move further lets, quickly see –

What is a Dedicated IP Address?

In computer world, IP address is like a Home address. For, instance each one of us have a home address similarly each computer in the world has an unique public IP address where we can reach it.

To get more context, We need to quickly understand what exactly make the entire internet ?

Well, the answer to this is a worldwide network of millions of computers form our internet, how they find and communicate with each other, via the IP address.

Similarly, when we open a website (domain name – example:, the browser changes the website name to an IP address using a DNS Lookup

Which means every website has an IP address. It can be Dedicated IP or Shared IP.

In, simple words –

Dedicated IP – is your websites home where only it lives on this server (computer). In web hosting’s context getting/buying a dedicated ip means that a specific server/IP is assigned to your web hosting account.

Example: you living alone in an apartment not sharing your resources.

Shared IP – is when your website shares its ip/server with other websites.

Example: you sharing your apartment or address.

Here is a formal definition of IP address, after this we will quickly jump to benefits of Dedicated IP.

IP stands for Internet Protocol, it is a unique address assigned to each computer that is connected to a certain network. Internet Protocol address plays the role of a unique identifier that is used to provide valid location of a machine or a website on a given network.

Now, The benefits of a dedicated IP address?

When it comes to buying a hosting for your website. Choosing between dedicated or shared hosting can be difficult. When hosting a website on a shared server, there is always quite a common controversial issue:

Why Is it necessary to have a dedicated IP for your website, What happens if you dont buy dedicated ip / hosting and instead use a shared hosting ?

Using a dedicated IP address provides your website with certain important advantages –

What is the difference between a Shared and Dedicated IP address?

The difference between shared and dedicated IP addresses is quite simple as we discussed above. A shared IP address is a single address used by multiple websites within one web server (this server can be hosting several customer accounts and your website account will be only one of them, meaning sharing is caring – or is it ?).

In this case, the server (computer) should do a lot of extra work like – parsing the user’s request to the correct website, overload from too many requests, resources get shared, server becomes slow, if one of the users account gets compromised with virus it can harm others (you dont want that or do you ? matters how important your website is ?).

Having a Dedicated IP address on the other hand mean that the website has its very own address, and you can use either this IP address or the domain name of your website to access it from the web.

For a good understanding, please see the diagram below: Where you will see the difference between shared and dedicated ip.

buy dedicated IP benefits - worth it or not
Shared vs Dedicated IP

Top 5 Reasons Why you should Buy Dedicated IP ?

Why having a dedicated IP address is beneficial?

There are too many reasons why it is recommended to use a Dedicated IP address for a website hosted on a Shared server, let look at the top 5 reasons :

1- Good for Website Reputation and SEO – Google really loves quality websites if your website has quality content it must be on a dedicated ip, because using a shared ip means other websites will have the same ip as your site, these other websites can be unsafe (spammy) and have bad reputation. This can negatively effect your SEO. So, having a dedicated ip is good for SEO.

2- It is beneficial for the email sender’s reputation – As we discussed above, having your website run over a shared IP address may cause unpredictable difficulties, and email service may also be affected in this case. There are some situations when some user, sharing the same IP address with you gets banned or blacklisted for spamming which may possibly affect your email service as well (this happened to me in the days when i was using shared IP, where when i used to send emails from my website email address, it would end up in spam box in Gmail and popular mails, whereas sometimes the 3rd party mail server wouldn’t even accept emails from me).

Using a dedicated IP address for email isolates your service from the abuse consequences where others are at fault. Meaning, your emails are not sent to spam anymore and considered worthy by gmail and others.

3 – Good for a business identity – Example: If you create your own online store or other e-commerce related website, and you are not going to use additional third-party services for handling payments (like paypal), it’s important to have a Dedicated IP address and an SSL certificate for the website in order to provide security for your customers’ data.

4 – It is required for some third-party applications/scripts – Sometimes, a particular application or script that you may want to use on your server it will requires a dedicated IP address to work.

5- Access to your website any time without the need of a domain – Sometimes, it is quite necessary to check how the website is going to look before pointing the domain name to the server and launching your website on the internet. A dedicated IP address will provide with the ability to access the server directly without changing DNS (nameserver) settings for the domain name and still test your site. Pretty, dope ha !!

Pricing Dedicated vs Shared IP

These days Dedicated IP’s are cheap to buy and yes you may spend a little bit more cash but its better in both short & long run for your website.

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