What is Head Tag ?


In this short article, we will discuss What is <head> tag, from an average persons perspective, if you want more technical answers please refer here.

What is Head Tag <head> used for ?

Head Tag also know as HTML Head Element is used to provide information about the page to the web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, so when they render the page they know what to do with it.

Common Uses of Head Tag

The <head> tag can include a title for the page, scripts, styles, meta information, and more.

  • assigning a tittle to the page
  • adding javascript code or linking to js files
  • linking to css file
  • including meta information like page description, keywords

The following elements can go inside the <head> element:

  1. <title>
  2. <style>
  3. <base>
  4. <link>
  5. <meta>
  6. <script>
  7. <noscript>

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