What is SSL Certificate ? How does it work ?

In this article, we will learn What is an SSL Certificate?

What does SSL stand for ?

SSL stand for Secure Sockets Layer which is basically a computers protocol or way to create a secure connection between a web browser and the website server over which to send information that is safe from manipulation from hackers.

How SSL Works ?

SSL works by using a cryptographic system that uses two keys to one to encrypt & one to decrypt data. The First key is a private key that decrypts, only known to the website server which receives the message and the second key is a public key, known to everyone that encrypts the message.

What is a SSL Certificate ?

SSL Certificate is an assurance that the information you share on the website is sent securely to the website server and a hacker cannot see it.

An SSL Certificate can contains information on the domain name, its owner and the physical location of the owner and the validity dates of the certificate. SSL Certificates are thus a useful tool in determining whether websites are trustworthy or not. Most online shoppers don’t risk buying items on a non-secure site (highly recommended).

How to identify if a website is Secure and uses SSL ?

Check if the URL begins with “https” instead of “http”.

Click the Lock icon on the URL to see if the browser says – Connection is Secure as seen below:

what is an ssl certificate
Connection is Secure

Why is SSL important ?

It protects the users and website from hacker attacks, hackers try to steel user information from the website like passwords, credit card information. Never enter your credit card information on a non secure website when buying something online.

I am a website owner How much does a SSL Certificate Cost ?

In the past SSL certificates used to cost on average 10$-20$ for a standard SSL, but know they are free in an effort to secure the internet.

Get your Let’s Encrypt Free SSL here: sslforfree.com or letsencrypt.org

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