Why I moved back to Web Hosting from Virtual Private Servers ?

vps vs web hosting

aws simple email service SES

Why Virtual Private Servers Suck for Small/Medium Website ?

  • Too much work for little things (example: setting up a email for your website is a real mess). Initial setup takes days to get running, and work doesn’t end there.
  • Doing everything on your own. You get nothing out of the box. (Yes, their is endless possibilities what you can install and achieve but if you just want to host a simple website – like a wordpress website – VPS is a bad choice, and i learned that from experience, I was very excited in the beginning to get a VPS and overall it didn’t provided any additional benefits to website speed or seo boost or any other compared to a regular web hosting (like Godaddy or Namecheap).
  • No control panel (like cpanel) provided by web hosting providers, everything has to go through Terminal (not everyone is familiar with it).
  • You get a virtual server (which is basically an empty box – we can debate on that VPS provides full admin rights but they are not worth it if you are an one man army (even a small team managing a website will have hard time setting up and managing a VPS. Since, its a very time intensive (major issue in my case – cause I don’t have that kind of time, since i work on this and other websites (hobby) along with my full time job) & technical job and requires a person who is dedicated for VPS setup) fails the purpose.
  • VPS like AWS Lightsail only allow 1 domain per instance (becomes very cost extensive if you have a couple of website)
  • Getting a Email Service (emails for your website) to work seems impossible (unless you spend a whole weekend on the initial setup (+plus you pay extra for the email off-course – example: AWS Simple Email Service (and setting it up is an extra mess believe me on that.)
  • And Many other limitations off-course


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