Update: Gemini is now renamed and rebranded as Native & search advertising by its parent company, the steps to signup still stay true whereas the user interface may have changed a bit.

Signup for Yahoo Gemini. What is Yahoo Gemini ?

What is Gemini ? Yahoo Gemini is Yahoo’s platform for native advertising and mobile search ads. Website: https://gemini.yahoo.com

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Yahoo Gemini is an advertising platform/marketplace that offers search and native advertising in one platform. With Gemini, you can leverage Yahoo’s insightful data, premium content (brand-safe) to help deliver engaging search and native advertising campaigns.

yahoo gemini landing page
Landing page

Why Use Gemini ?

Combining search and native ads can amplify your marketing impact, with users 3.6 times more likely to do a brand search and up to 56% more likely to notice a search ad if they’ve been exposed to a native ad.

Using Gemini you can advertise on these website ?

advertise on techcrunch aol yahoo tumbler and huffpost by running advertising campaigns on yahoo gemini

Its a good platform to reach out billions of people across globe. Below are some Gemini stats –

2 Billion – Ad impressions per day

1 Billion – Monthly active users

165 Billion – Daily intent signals

Supported Ad Formats (Yahoo Gemini)

Yahoo gemini ad formats

  • Search ads
  • Video ads
  • Image ads
  • App Install ads
  • Tumbler Sponsored post
  • Carousel ads
  • Yahoo Mail ads

Yahoo Gemini and Google Adwords Integration/Relationship

Using Gemini you can Import campaigns from Google Adwords. Optimize and manage your search campaigns within Gemini. All changes you make on Google AdWords including bids, budgets, and keywords can be instantly reflected on Yahoo Gemini by re-initiating the account sync.

Gemini also allows excel import – CSV Files
import adwords campaigns in gemini

Signup for Gemini

Below is a video with step by step on How to Signup for Yahoo Gemini ?

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signup for yahoo gemini. what is yahoo gemini ?