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Welcome to Mr. Virk Brands Page

This page lists all the products and websites made available by Mr. Virk Brands.

Mr. Virk Media

Media brand focused on tech articles, news, videos and troubleshooting tutorials.

Website: https://mrvirk.com

Mr. Virk Design

Web Development and SEO Services Website.

Website: https://design.mrvirk.com

Percentage Calculator

Percentage Calculator is a Free and Easy to Use Online Percentage Calculating Tool.

Website: https://percentage-calculator.mrvirk.com

Mr. Profit and Loss | Calculator

Calculate Profits on your Investments, Stocks, Products, eCommerce or Trading with Ease

Website: https://profitloss.mrvirk.com

VAT Calculator

Online VAT Calculator, providing the ability to add or remove VAT from a products price

Website: https://vatcalculator.mrvirk.com

S&P 500 Companies List

List and Search Tool.

Website: https://sp500.mrvirk.com

My Portfolio

Portfolio Website for Navjot Singh Virk.

Website: https://navjot.mrvirk.com 


eCommerce website in development dedicated to a town in India.

Website: https://baheri.in