– Consolidation in Mr. Virk Media has been consolidated in (Mr. Virk Media), the website will always have a place in my heart. It was live for 4 years (06 Jan 2015 – 06 Jan 2018) and become an integral part of my life, cant tell how many weekends were spent working on it.

And now, I have decided to focus all my efforts on building a new brand – Mr. Virk Media leveraging my more updated skills and experience.

Memories and background

When I bought the domain, I was so filled with emotions and ideas to make a difference on the internet and was looking for creative ways to be independent and pay my expenses and college tuition.

Bought the cheapest domain I could afford and it happened to be that's why the site wasn't .com, now you know. ha ha
Bought the cheapest domain I could afford and it happened to be that’s why the site wasn’t .com, now you know. ha ha

This was first year of my college, my situation was I had almost no money and no experience in Web dev. field took the risk of buying a paid domain name (this was 19 year old me) when I just had about 13 euros in my bank account and I was in a foreign land with no incoming income and little financial support from the family and to this day I believe this was from god’s grace that I took this action, since these last bits of money I had turned into a great investment for the future.

Here is the only snapshot of the website I could still find. aka  Navsingh org aka – Navsingh org

This was my first professional website, blog, mail and analytics platform and so much more.

A client magnet helping me attract new freelance projects. The website contributed a lot by getting me on my feet, the income I made through it helped me contribute towards my college fee along with support from several part time jobs and student loan from AIB Bank (big thanks).

This website played a huge role in my graduation and later to get professional internships and job.

I can’t thank it enough and the people that supported me during the journey.

With this note, I welcome you to explore my new venture.


Navjot Singh Virk

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