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Hi, this is your host Navjot Singh, in this article we will look at 3 different ways of deleting bookmarks on chrome.

Let’s start with a video tutorial covering – How to delete all bookmarks in Chrome all at once.

Video Tutorial – How do I clear all bookmarks in Chrome ?

Pre-requsite: Open Chrome on your Macbook or Windows Computer

Right Click one of the bookmarks or enter chrome://bookmarks/ in your URL bar to open Bookmark Manager

How To Delete all Bookmarks in Chrome
How to open chrome bookmark manager

Steps to Delete all bookmarks at once in Chrome

Once you are inside Bookmark Manager, to delete all the bookmark at once.

How do I clear all bookmarks in Chrome - Delete all bookmarks chrome
How do I clear all bookmarks in Chrome – Delete all bookmarks chrome

Press and Hold Command Key + A (CMD + A)

This will select all the bookmarks for you and allow you to delete them all.

Click Delete.

Steps to Delete Multiple or Selection of Bookmarks at Once in Chrome

This can be used if you want to manage your bookmarks a bit better, and may be delete some old and un-relevent items from the bookmarks list.

To delete multiple bookmarks at once –

delete multiple bookmarks chrome
delete multiple bookmarks chrome

Select a bookmark from which onwards you would like to delete.

Press and Hold Shift Key

And select the last item in the list, and everything in between will be selected for you.

Click Delete

Steps to Delete Bookmarks One by One in Chrome

If the bookmark is visible on the Bookmark Bar – just right click it and select delete.

If you are in the Bookmark Manager, just click the 3 dots on the right hand side of the bookmark.

Click Delete

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