In this article, we will cover How to quickly find an iOS app’s bundle ID. I am Navjot Singh your host. Let’s first cover What is bundleId ? And then move on to finding bundleId of an app.

What is an iOS App Bundle ID ?

Bundle ID is an identifier for each app published on App Store and set when creating an app.

Every iOS application requires a bundle ID to work and it needs to be unique if the developer wants to publish it on App Store


You can not directly look up and find the bundle ID of an App in the Apple App Store unlike Google playstore for Android where it provides applications package name (Android equivalent of Bundle ID) in the app’s playstore link.

So, to find an iOS Apps bundle ID you need to take couple steps as covered below –

Steps to find the bundle ID for an iOS app ?

To find the bundle ID, you can use one of the below listed solutions –

1- Find the bundle ID from the Text file


Step 1: Search for the App Name on Google Search using your Desktop browser like Chrome, Firefox etc and open apps itunes/app store link.

Example: Search – Yahoo News App store

yahoo news app bundle id

This will give you app’s link – (here we have Yahoo News Apps link)

How to find ios app bundleid finding yahoo_news_apps bundle id on app store tunes

Step 2: Now, copy the number after id in the URL, which is 304158842 in the example above.

Step 3: Open a new browser window, and go to this link and add the id number at the end and refresh the page.

This will prompt you to download a text file.

Step 4: Save Text File. The default name of the file is 1.txt.
Open the file in a text editor, and then search for bundleId. Here is an example:


So, here we found the bundle ID for the Yahoo News App which is

Pro Tip: You can also review other relevant information in this text file, such as minimum OS version, language code, supported devices, and apps release information.

2: Find App bundle ID from the .ipa file

Step 1: Connect your device to your computer via the cable. Using iTunes Copy the .ipa file from your iPhone/iPad to your computer

Step 2: Change the file name extension to .zip (right click on the file > select compress)

Example: rename YahooNews.ipa as

Expand the .zip file to a folder, and then search for the iTunesMetadata.plist file in the folder.

Open the iTunesMetadata.plist file using a text editor, and then search for softwareVersionBundleId

This will give you the applications bundle id.

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