In this article, we will learn how to create a Facebook pixel in Facebook Business Manager and also learn how to Add and Install the pixel on your website, wordpress, HTML or any other CMS the principal stays the same.


For this article, specific we will cover the Facebook pixel implementation in WordPress.

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Lets, start – with a simple understanding about the pixel.

Explanation – What is Facebook Pixel ?

Facebook pixel is a small piece of javascript code that you place in the head tag of your website in the backend to track visitors to your website.

What are the benefits of using a Facebook Pixel ?

The Facebook pixel allows you to run highly targeted ads and campaigns, to give you the best value out of your money, so it’s important to install it before running Facebook ads, if you are looking to get better results on your campaigns.

Video Tutorial – Create and Add Facebook Tracking Pixel to WordPress

Video Tutorial

Step by Step – How to Create Facebook Pixel ?

Please note: Facebook keeps updating their User Interface (UI) and Menus so its hard to catchup with that but the steps still work if the UI changes in future from whats covered in screenshots and video)

Step 1: Login to Facebook Business Manager

Step 2: Go to Event Manager

Step 3: Click > Add new Data Source > Facebook Pixel

create facebook pixel in event manager in facebook business
create facebook pixel in event manager in facebook business

Step 4: Enter a Name for Pixel

create facebook pixel
create facebook pixel

Step 5: Click the Create Button

This will create a pixel for you. Half the Job is done. You have sucessfully created a facebook pixel, now the next step is to install or add it to your website.

How to Add Facebook Pixel to WordPress without Plugin ?

Now, once your have created the pixel its time to implement it on your wordpress website, their are several ways to do it – to name a few – manually (this is what we are going to do in this step), using google tag manager or the facebook pixel plugin.

Step 6: Click Set > up Pixel

Install facebook pixel on website
Install facebook pixel on website

This will bring a new popup window on the screen, mentioning all the available ways to Add pixel to your website.

Step 7: Click > Manually Install Pixel Code Yourself

multiple ways you can install facebook pixel
multiple ways you can install facebook pixel

This brings a window with Pixel code and also steps to help you install it.

Step 8: Copy the Pixel code

copying facebook pixel and then adding it in head tag of your website
copying facebook pixel and then adding it in head tag of your website

Step 9: Add Facebook Pixel Code to Head Tag of your WordPress website using Steps in the Video below

Steps to Install Facebook Pixel on WordPress.

Login to your WordPress Website Dashboard

Hover ove Appearance Tab

Click > Editor

This will open a file editor

Choose header.php file

Add Pixel code before the closing of head tag </head>

Here is the full article to help you add your Facebook pixel to your WordPress website Head Tag.

Testing the Pixel

Step 10: Test if the Pixel is Implemented Correctly

Enter the website URL you implemented the pixel on and click > Send Test Traffic

test if the pixel was properly added to the website
test if the pixel was properly added to the website

or you can also download – Facebook Pixel Helper (Browser Plugin) which lights up when a pixel fires on a website.

facebook pixel helper example
facebook pixel helper plugin example

Example – Facebook Pixel with data and ability to create audience

Hope the article helped solve some of the problem for you if not all, please share it on your favourite social network and leave a comment below with any questions you may have.

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