How to calculate percentage of a number ?

You will learn to Calculate Percentage of a number, article will cover explanation and examples using the percentage formula: Percentage (p) % = (x÷y) * 100, where x is the number we want to calculate percentage for, y is the original number.

What is Percentage ?

A Percentage is a number or ratio expressed as a fraction of 100. It is often denoted using the percent sign, “%”. Learn more

Calculate Percentage

Example 1: Find, What % is 5 of 100 ?

Placing the values in the formula. Here, % = ?, x = 5, y = 100

% = (5÷100) * 100 = 0.05 * 100 = 5 %


Percentage = 5 divided by 100 and the outcome of dividing multiplied by 100

Example 2: Find, What % is 25 of 900 ?

Placing the values in the formula. Here, % = ?, x = 25, y = 900

% = (25÷900) * 100 = 25÷9 = 2.78 %

Conclusion: So, the Percentage for a number can be calculated by dividing it by the original number and multiplying the reminder by 100.

Calculate/Find number (x) based on a percentage

The same formula can be leveraged for calculating, x when a % percentage is provided.

Example 1: What is 20% of 100 ?

Again we will use the same formula to find x. Here, % = 20, x = ?, y= 100

20 = (x÷100) * 100

Here, we an equation, out of which we can find x = ?, so at this point the equation has 2 side, Left Hand Side (LHS) and Right Hand Side (RHS)

LHS = 20 and RHS = (x÷100) * 100

Bonus Tips: Now, we just need to isolate x and move values on the other side (you may know, when moving a value from one side of the equation to other its operator changes to opposite, which is if a number is multiplying in RHS when moved to LHS it will be dividing and the other way around, same goes for addition and subtraction)

x = (20*100)÷100

x = 20

Example 2: What is 35% of 9059 ?

Here, % = 35, x = ?, y = 9059

35 = (x÷9059) * 100

x = (35*9059) ÷ 100

x = 35 * 905.9

x = 3170.65

Using the Above formula and understand now you can easily calculate percentage of a number.

For faster percentage calculations online tools can be used to perform the math for you.

Online Percentage Calculator

Click here to open percentage calculator

You can use this percentage calculator tool to calculate percentages faster, good for accountants, business analysts, stock traders, students for homework.

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