Was using Global Protect for a while, but never thought it would be so clingy when it comes to getting rid of it and uninstalling.

Global Protect wouldn’t give up, their user interface, first of all doesn’t have a quit button which is very poor and the app then have the audacity to restart it as soon as you have force quitted it using the Activity Monitor.

That means you cant move it to trash from the Applications as the running apps cant be uninstalled on Macs. So, basically that left me stuck with this annoying (virus like app).

Then did some research and found a solution, which I am sharing below to help anyone who may be stuck with this.

Steps to Uninstall Global Protect

Open Terminal (command + space button, then search for terminal)

Paste the command below

sudo /Applications/GlobalProtect.app/Contents/Resources/uninstall_gp.sh

This will then ask for the laptop password and finally get rid of this cumbersome and poorly designed software.


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