What is IRP Card ? Irish Residence Permit

In this short article we will cover – What is Irish Residence Permit Card ?

Last Updated: 7th Sept. 2020.

Irish Residence Permit Card (IRP)

IRP Card also known as Irish Residence Permit is the certificate of registration when you register with Irish immigration

IRP is one of the most important document for a foreign national living in Ireland, make sure to register and renew your IRP card on time at your nearest Immigration office.

Important things to remember

  • You must carry IRP card with you at all times, as it proves you are living legally in the country.
  • The IRP is not an identity card. It is a registration certificate.
  • Always carry your valid IRP card with you when traveling.
  • When you change your address make sure to contact Immigration office to get it updated on your IRP records.


In the past GNIB card was the IRP Equivalent and from 11 December 2017 onwards that was discontinued moving to new Irish Residence Permit.

Who need an IRP Card ?

All non-EU/EEA and non-Swiss citizens who wish to stay in Ireland for any reason for longer than 90 days, must apply for immigration permission and (if successful) then register for an IRP card.

If your registration is successful, you will then be issued with an Irish Residence Permit (IRP).

To register you must:

  • Be a non-EU/EEA and non-Swiss national
  • Be aged 16 or older
  • Go to a registration office in-person
  • If you wish to stay in Ireland past the expiry date on your IRP, you must apply to extend your immigration permission and renew your registration. If successful, you will be given a new IRP.

An IRP costs €300 per person every time you register and renew.

Important: Only Card Payments are accepted, cash will be declined by the immigration officer.

You may also have to pay for a new IRP if your current card is lost or stolen.

How does the IRP – Irish Residence Permit (IRP) looks like ?

IRP Card Front Example - Irish Residence Permit
IRP Card Front Example – Irish Residence Permit
IRP Card Rear Example - Irish Residence Permit
IRP Card Rear Example – Irish Residence Permit

The IRP card is a credit-card like card that displays basic information about the person –

Information includes:

  • Persons name, photo, date of birth and registration number
  • A brief description of permission immigration permission, including permission stamp number. Example: Stamp 1, 1G, 2, 4 or any other
  • A microchip with a copy of persons photo, fingerprints and personal details
  • The card does not give any new rights or entitlements, it’s just a registration confirmation/certificate.

Example – IRP card does not allow you to travel to or live freely in other EU countries. All existing travel and immigration rules still apply. So make sure to check what visa you may require when travelling to other EU nations

More information on IRP can be found on INIS Official Site: http://www.inis.gov.ie/en/INIS/Pages/irish-residence-permit

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