Cant Find Bluetooth Speaker in Mac


In this short article we will go through the issue where you are trying to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your Mac and it just wont show up in the available Bluetooth device list.

Even though your speaker is turned on as well as Bluetooth on your Mac.

What’s going wrong here ?

I came across this today, when was trying to connect a new speaker to my Mac, and to be honest this has happened to me before and everytime I connect a device after a while, it gets me every time.

But actually, the solution is simple (somewhat obvious as well), when you can’t find a Bluetooth speaker on your Mac

Solution – Cant Find Bluetooth Speaker in Mac

When this issue happens make sure your speaker is not connected to any other device (most probably it’s connected to your phone/ipad that’s why its not showing up as available in your Mac.

In my case, the culprit was my phone.

The phone was automatically connecting to the speaker via Bluetooth, due to which speaker wasn’t available to connect on Mac and hence was’t showing up/discoverable.

The fix was simple, I temporarily turned off the Bluetooth on my phone.

Went to Bluetooth Preferences and gave a quick search for Bluetooth devices and the speaker showed up.

How to open bluetooth preferences in Mac

Then pressed connect. Job well done. Finally, I could play some music.

Hope this helped save you some time. And if it did, please show love by sharing the article.

Also, In case you were just looking to connect a wireless headphone or Airpods the steps are pretty much the same

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Ps. You might need this in case you aren’t very familiar to Macbook.

How to open Bluetooth Preferences in Mac ?

Click the bluetooth button in top bar, click open preferences or either do use Command + Space button on the keyboard and search for bluetooth or system preferences

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