creating email signature in outlook email
Creating email signature in outlook email

How to Easily Create or Change an email signature in Outlook 365 ?

Recently, I wanted to add an email signature for my company email which uses Office 365 and i was using the Outlook Web App.


I felt the user interface was not as easy as gmail to be able to add an email signature.

So, I had to spend some time figure out how to add an email signature in Outlook.

Let, start with Step by Step –

Steps to add Email Signature in Outlook

Open the Outlook Web app:

Shortcut to Settings page:

outlook office 365 settings
Outlook in Office 365 settings

Step 1: Click the Gear Icon to Open Settings

This opens right hand sidebar, towards the bottom Click > View all Outlook Settings

Step 2: Click > Compose and Reply

outlook compose and reply settings
outlook compose and reply settings

The first option available is to add email signature

add email signature outlook
Adding email signature outlook

Write/Paste your signature and press Save

Check the box for – Automatically include my signature on messages I compose

At this point you are nearly done, this would have a opened a popup on your screen

(if you would want the signature added on all new emails you create)

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