Why did Google Re-brand Adwords as Google Ads ?

In this short article we will cover Google’s rebranding of it Adwords platform.

Google Ads

This morning I received an email saying Google is rebranding Google Adwords but Why ?

Email title: Google AdWords will soon become Google Ads

google rebrands adwords
Google AdWords Will Soon Become Google Ads

Google made the Official announcement here: Official Announcement

Take Aways from the Announcement and How it will impact you and your business ?

  • Google AdWords will be rebranded as Google Ads next month (24th July 2018).
  • Google Ads will have full range of campaign types available today, including , Display, Video & Search.

What’s changing

From 24th July 2018, Google Adwords name and Logo will be replaced by Google Ads Logo. Changes will be reflected in the User interface including Help Center, Billing documents, etc.

The URL you use to access your Adwords account will be changing to –
New URL: ads.google.com.

Old url: adwords.google.com (retired)

Also the support website will be moved from support.google.com/adwords to support.google.com/google-ads.

How will these changes affect me as a user of the system ?

Changes to the Google Ads branding will not impact the users of the system in any way including navigation, campaign performance or reporting.

Why these Changes ?

Google has restructured its advertising services, with its 18-year-old AdWords brand and DoubleClick, the adtech company acquired in 2007, consolidated under a simpler Google Ads brand.

Google claims the rebrand will make it easier for small business advertisers to connect with customers across the company’s platforms, which include Search, Maps, Google Play and YouTube.

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