This tutorial will help you learn how to create a Subdomain in cPanel.

Quick look at what is a Subdomain – It’s an extension to your actual domain name, which helps you create different websites by just using/paying for one domain name.

Creating the subdomains is free because its a part of your domain.

The subdomain we will be creating in the video will be using this domain:

& we will create a subdomain for it named & host an index.html file to see if it works and the tips around it.

Who is this tutorial for:

This tutorial will help people who are starting their journey in web development, hosting, cpanel, worpress or a non-technical person (example: modal, teacher, plumber, student etc) who has a portfolio/website and want to learn to extend it using subdomain.

Level: Easy

This tutorial is also relevant for the Hosting providers listed below to help you create a subdomain in their cPanel:

If you search for any of these you are at the right place, dont waste any time in watching the video tutorial below this paragraph.

  • How to create a Subdomain in Godaddy
  • How to create a Subdomain in Namecheap
  • How to create a Subdomain in Bluehost
  • How to create a Subdomain in WordPress

Video Tutorial:

Full steps to create a subdomain:

1 -Login  into your hosting account.

2- Open cPanel

(if you are not used to cPanel, please see this short demo video tutorial on cPanel)

3- Select – Subdomain (as seen in the image below)

how to create a subdomain in cpanel

4- Create a subdomain

creating a subdomain steps
creating a subdomain steps

5- Go to File Manager – open the Subdomain (the name you gave yo your domain) named folder.

6- Now you have these options –

  • create a html website (used in the tutorial)
  • use wordpress or any other CMS
  • upload your existing website files.

Hope this tutorial helped.

Final results after creating a test page/website on this new subdomain –

subdomain is the subdomain of

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