Hi, Welcome to the tutorial. Lets checkout how to edit wp-config file in WordPress to change or update your database details


1- cPanel Access, this is your webhosting dashboard where your website files are hosted.

2- Make a backup of your file

3- Basic knowlege of php or any other programming language to help you understand what needs changing and how ? If you are not an expert dont worry, below is a video tutorial to help guide non technical audiences.

Video Tutorial

Common use cases for editing this file

1- updating your database and user details

2- wordpress error establishing database connection


Below, I have shared a screenshot sample of wp-config.php file, that will help you understand what is inside this file or what the contents of this file looks like ?

wp-login file
wp-config.php file
How to edit WordPress wp-config.php file in cPanel
How to edit WordPress wp-config.php file in cPanel

Editing wp-config

Lets, get to the business and start editting our file. At this point, I assume you have your file opened in the editor. Please follow instructions below –

Note: MySQL settings – You can get this info from your cPanel or web developer

1- Code below allows you to change your wordpress websites database to your new database name

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘myOldDatabaseName‘);

just update the last part, to with the new name-

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘myNewDatabaseName‘);

and thats it.

2- Similarly change MySQL database username
define(‘DB_USER’, ‘test_user’);

3- Update to the latest MySQL database password
define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘myPassword123’);

4- MySQL hostname (this line and rest of the file stays unchanged)
define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’);

Hope this helped, please leave your thoughts in comments below.

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