So, after a lot of thinking, youtube & google searches, motivation videos, bought a domain and hosting etc, you have decided to create a website for your business/hobby/blog, and your platform of choice is WordPress.

And from experience I can tell you have done your research right and chosen one of the best platforms out their, actually personally I use WordPress for all my website projects including this website and have been using wordpress for about 5 years.

Install WordPress – Step by Step?

Hey, Welcome to, here on the website, I (Navjot Singh) am passionate to provide you with quality content that will help solve your problems and you will not need an another google search.

Great, since you have been here for a couple of seconds, let’s learn how to install wordpress on your website.

Video Tutorial

Watch the Video tutorial that explains all the steps listed below to help you install WordPress on your website.

Step 1: Go to to download the latest version of WordPress (but not – Read vs Article for full explanation

Step 2: Download the Zipped file

download wordpress
download wordpress

Step 3: Open your cPanel (this will be available on your Web Hosting account – if not familiar Learn to use cPanel here)

Step 4: Open File Manager and navigate to public_html folder

upload wordpress files in file manager in cPanel
upload wordpress files in file manager in cPanel

Step 5: Now upload your WordPress Zipped files from Step 2.

(Please note if this is not the first website on this hosting account you will have to find the sub-folder for your domain and upload the zipped file their, this is the case for this example  – where I am using a sub-domain, where I will upload my files – learn all about Sub-domains if you dont already here).

Step 6: Extract Files

Step 7: Move all files in home directory from wordpress folder

(this is important because you dont want your website sitting in a folder but at the root of your domain, their are some cases where you may like for a blog, but still then you never let the folder named wordpress you need to rename it personalize it, cause in website business its only newbies and people not that dedicated to their website make these mistakes but you shouldn’t)

Step 8: Create a Database and User – this is needed for wordpress installation

Step 9: Enter database details and Run Installation.

Step 10: Create Posts/Pages – Customize your website

Congrats you have created your first wordpress website

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how to install wordpress


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