In this short article, we will learn – How to Blur parts of an Image in Mac ? Blur Photos in Mac, Pixelate Faces, Text and parts of images.

Mac has a Preview Tool and Windows have Paint these are in-built tools that allows basic Image editing like cropping, adding text etc.

But, their is no in-built tool in Mac or windows that allows to blur or pixellate images or parts of photos.

Their are many 3rd party tools available to download for both Mac and Windows that allows you to blur images, but in this article we are going to talk about the more lightweight and easy to use tool which feels more like a in-built tool and comes from a trusted vendor – Evernote

The Tools name is Skitch and is something I use for editing images for this website

Advantages: tool allows the user to blur images with ease, its interface is easy that their is no learning curve like you would have in a more complex tool like – Adobe Photoshop

Here’s where you can find it: Skitch Download

Video Tutorial – How to Pixelate Image ?

Step by Step Guide to help your Blur Parts of an Image

Let see how Skitch Works by dragging and dropping an Image in Skitch

Select > Pixelate your Image Button as seen in screenshot below.

Image Before

edit and blur parts of image in skitch
edit and blur parts of image in skitch

Make selections on parts you would like to pixelate. Job well done.

Save Image.

Image After, blurring

image after blurring parts of it in skitch in mac
image after blurring parts of it in skitch in mac

Please note, for this article I am using a Mac but the same step apply if you want to pixelate images on your Windows Computer.

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