WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Key Differences, Pros and Cons

What is the difference between WordPress and Self Hosted WordPress ?

WordPress.com is owned by Automattic Inc. and offers free (limited functionality) and paid services the benefit to using it is you can easily start using the platform and create a website in minutes without worrying to purchase web hosting and domain name separately, which WordPress.com can provide you on their platform.

Whereas, WordPress.org is open source and fully free with no limitations.

WordPress.com and WordPress.org both use the same codebase and are similar whereas in case of WordPress.org you need to download and host the platform on your web hosting account.

So, it takes slightly more effort to get started with, but the benefits are unlimited.

WordPress.com Pros

Easy to start with, ideal for occasional bloggers.

Good for non technical person looking to build a blog.

In-expensive, when considering costs of hosting and domain name.

WordPress.com Cons

WordPress.com owns some rights and may delete your website in case of privacy violation which means losing all your work.

Limitation on customisation of templates and no access to editor section of wordpress which allows you to make important changes to your website files.

Can’t add plugins without upgrading the plan.

WordPress.org Pros (Self Hosted WordPress)

Note: WordPress.org is also called Self hosted WordPress.

Self hosted WordPress, is also easy to setup but need slightly more effort that WordPress.com, learn more.

Provides Endless and un-restricted rights to customisation using themes & plugins and access to editor section of wordpress which allows you to make important changes to your website files, like adding code to website header.

Unlimited library of free and premium themes, plugins and templates available to choose from. And strong community support around the platform.

WordPress.org Cons

None. It’s surprising but the reality is self hosted instance of WordPress is highly recommended.

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