How to Enable Adsense Auto Ads in WordPress ? Step by Step

In this short article we will cover how to enable adsense auto ad on your wordpress website ?


First step is to enable auto ads in adsense

Enabling Adsense Auto Ads

Second step is to add auto ads code to your wordpress website head tag to complete the implementation.

Implementing Adsense Auto Ads in WordPress

To implement Adsense auto ads on your website.

Paste your Auto Ads code (which you get once you have enabled auto ads as described in the video above) in the <head> tags on your website.

Step by Step

a- Login to Your WordPress website

(you can login to wordpress by placing /wp-login.php behind your website url).


b- Now Open your WordPress Website Dashboard

c- We need to Edit – header.php file.

Follow the steps below to find your header.php file.

1- Dashboard

2- Hover over – Appearance

3- Click Editor

4- Now an Editor Opens – Listing Several files

5- Find and Choose header.php file

or you can skip steps 1 to 5 and instead place /wp-admin/theme-editor.php?file=header.php behind your domain/website url, this url will open header.php file in editor for you.


Towards the top of the file you will see <head> tags


head tag
Head Tag

Now, paste your adsense auto ads code just above the closing head tag.

Save the file.

(Don’t forget to save as the changes will be lost. Since, the change are not autosaved).

Video Tutorial

What are the Available Ad Types in Google Adsense Auto Ads ?
  1. Text and Display Ads
  2. In-feed ads
  3. In-article ads
  4. Matched Content
  5. Anchor Tags (not recommended)
  6. Vignette ads
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