Mylan Upjohn Merger – Pfizer Shareholders to receive 0.12 Viatris Shares per Pfizer Share

With Pfizer’s Generic business Upjohn and Mylan Merger planned to complete this November 2020 as an investor you may have some questions in mind, below I have answered couple of the common ones.

Details are gathered by emailing investor relations and using the information on Pfizer and Mylan’s website.

Merger News / Status Updates

Mylan UpJohn Merger has been completed on 16th November 2020. And the stock has now started trading on Nasdaq under the Ticker Symbol: VTRS

As of 18th November its trading at $16.06 a share (-1.71% down on the day) and with a market cap of 8.73 billion.

Source: Yahoo Finance

And on the same day Pfizer is trading at $36.50 a share (+1.29% up on the day) and a market cap of 202.8 billion.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Overall both the stocks haven’t yet had a very significant change in Stock price upon merger since investors had already priced in the merger. VTRS is trading close to where Mylan (MYL) was before the merger and same for PFE

And a new website has been released:

viatris merger news and website
Source: Viatris Website Homepage

Common Questions –

What will be the name of new company after Mylan and UpJohn Merger ?

Mylan and Pfizer Announced Viatris as the New Company Name.


Viatris Logo

Viatris will have a new ticker symbol and the stock will trade on NASDAQ which is where Mylan initially traded.

When will Mylan and Pfizer’s Upjohn merger complete ?

Based on Pfizer’s update on 5th November, combination of the companies is expected to complete by 16th November 2020.

Pfizer has set the close of business on November 13, 2020 as the record date for the spin-off, and the combination of Mylan and the Upjohn Business is expected to close on November 16, 2020.

No action is required by Pfizer common stockholders to receive the distributed shares of Viatris common stock

Can you sell your Viatris Shares while holding on to Pfizer shares ?

During combination period, Pfizer stockholders will have the option of selling the right to receive shares of Viatris common stock while retaining shares of Pfizer common stock. This option to sell will be available on Nasdaq via temporary symbol “VTRSV”.

Can you sell your Pfizer shares during spinoff period and still be able to receive and retain Viatris Stock ?

If you sell your normal Pfizer (PFE) shares during the combination period (12th – 16th nov) that means you are selling both right to receive Viatris shares and the Pfizer to the buyer and you will not receive any Viatris shares after merger is completed.

If as a shareholder you are interested to own Viatris shares but just want to sell Pfizer during combination period you will have option to do so under “PFE WI” on NYSE, you should talk to your broker about this if they support this on their platform.

What if the combination is not completed on time and I have sold my shares ?

Trades under the symbols “VTRSV” and “PFE WI” will settle after the closing date of the combination, which is expected to occur on November 16, 2020. If the combination is not completed, all trades under these temporary symbols will be cancelled.


VTRSV is temporary ticker for Viatris and PFE WI is for Pfizer shares that represent the company after spining off Viatris until the merger is completed. After the successful completion of spinoff Pfizer shares will again trade under its same old ticker which is PFE.

Where Viatris stands in Generic Pharma’s business ?

Viatris stands at top in Generic Pharma based on expected sales and market value

Viatris stands at top in Generic Pharma based on expected sales and market value
Source: Investor Presentation – Sept. 2019

Will Pfizer shareholders get Mylan stock ?

Pfizer Shareholders will get Viatris Stock. Ticker symbol not specified yet.

What amount of Viatris Shares will be issued per Pfizer Share ?

For each Pfizer Share you own you will receive 0.12 shares of Viatris.

Or in other words 12 shares per 100 Pfizer Shares.

Calculator to calculate – How many Viatris share you will receive ?

Enter the amount of Pfizer shares you own to know how many Viatris shares you will own.

Your Pfizer Shares:

Example: if you have random number of shares say – 25.55 shares or 8976 shares the calculator will make your life easier.

Management Team

 Viatris Management Team Overview - Investor Presentation

Investor Presentations Summary

Skimming Most Valuable information on the Merger

Merger Summary

Mylan Upjohn merger summary
Source: Investor Presentation August 2020

New Companies Financial Estimates

Viatris Financial Profile
Source: Investor Presentation – July 2019

Pharmaceutical Competitive Landscape

Pharmaceutical Competitive Landscape and where Viatris stands
Source: Investor Presentation – July 2019


Viatris Peers
Source: Investor Presentation August 2020

New Business Modals Execution Plan

Viatris Business Modals Execution Roadmap
Source: Investor Presentation August 2020

Important Updates

5th Nov 2020 – Pfizer has set the close of business on November 13, 2020 as the record date for the spin-off, and the combination of Mylan and the Upjohn Business is expected to close on November 16, 2020. Full update available here

30th June 2020 – Mylan Shareholders approved proposed merger – 99.6% of Shares Voted in Favor.

18th June 2020 – UpJohn announced Pricing of Senior Notes in Connection with the
Proposed merger. A private offering of $7.45 billion aggregate principal amount of Viatris senior, U.S. dollar-denominated notes and €3.60 billion aggregate principal amount of Upjohn Finance (now subsidiary of Viatris) senior, euro-denominated notes.

Viatris Senior Notes - Upjohn Mylan Merger News

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Press Releases

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About Mylan

Mylan is a global generic pharmaceutical company providing generic healthcare products. Offering a portfolio of over 7,500 marketed products around the world with presense in about 165 countries.


Investor Relations:

About Pfizer Upjohn

With over 130 years of experience, Pfizer Upjohn brings together 20 of the industry’s very recognised brands – products such as Lipitor, Norvasc, Lyrica and Viagra with manufacturing and commercial expertise in more than 120 countries.


Investor Relations:

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